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How to choose your carpets?

Carpet is by far the most popular of all floor coverings, this is attributable to its warmth, softness and sound absorption, It is also easy to maintain, durable and available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. When selecting carpet, choose the best quality available within your budget. High end products, which are more expensive, are not necessary for low traffic areas like a bedroom. But you may want to consider a better carpet for high traffic areas such as halls and main living areas. Practicality should also guide your selection. Carpet is best suited to bedrooms, halls, family rooms and living and dining areas. Wall to wall is not recommended for areas that will be in constant contact with moisture like kitchens and bathrooms, since cleaning can be problematic and carpet does not resist the build up of mold and mildew like other materials.

Wall to wall carpet

wall-to-wall carpet or carpeting, is a carpet intended to cover a floor entirely. Carpet over 4 meters in length is usually installed with the use of a “power stretcher”, by using smooth edge which is commonly known as a spike strip that is nailed down all around the the edge of the walls and the carpet is then stretched from one end to the other, another common way of installing wall to wall carpet is by double glue down, which the underlay is then glued directly down to the ground and then the carpet glued down to the underlay, some carpets must be glued down due to the backing and fibre. Fitted carpets offer comfort and soundproofing.

Area Rugs

Choosing an area rug all depends on the decor that surrounds it, as Persian rugs will suit a more traditional decor, and shags will suit a more modern contemporary decor. The size of an area rug all depends on how the room is made, and how much flooring will be visible. Custom rugs are always available to be made, any design, pattern, or shape is possible to make, any idea can be made a reality, it’s yours to discover.

Carpet Fibers


  • most commonly used natural material
  • deep and warm material, well suited for carpets
  • wears well, resilient, retains original texture
  • flameproof, abrasion resistant
  • easily cleaned (but not as easily as synthetics) and maintained


  • wears well with low static generation
  • easily cleaned
  • the synthetic option that most resembles wool
  • resists moths, mildew, sun-fading, soil stains
  • available in many colours


  • longest lasting of all synthetic fibres
  • exceptional colour and texture retention
  • easily cleaned, although will show soil more than other fabrics

Sisal and other grasses

  • cool to the touch
  • available in natural colours
  • weaving patterns are usually understated

Carpet Styles

Looped pile

  • made of yarn that is looped at the same height and left uncut
  • most common type of carpet
  • available in a variety of heights from short to shaggy
  • very durable under heavy use
  • easy to clean
  • soil and spills remain on surface

Cut pile

  • made by shearing off the tops of level-looped pile
  • cleaner, more refined appearance than looped pile
  • choice of amount of twist in yarn

Shag or short shag

  • woven or tufted carpet with yarn that is not tightly twisted
  • long pile that is either looped or cut pile
  • will show dirt faster than shorter pile
  • requires frequent vacuuming


  • a heavy cut pile
  • pile is deep and tightly woven
  • may show footprints when walked on

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